Travel Wrap

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Magic Wrapp’s Travel Wrap is especially designed to cater to your traveling needs. For those of us that have neck pains from sleeping in awkward and uncomfortable positions while traveling on a plane, car, or train, this is the product for you! The travel wrap is designed to be able to wrap around the headrest of your seat and around your face in order to secure a comfortable rest time. The self adhesivity will allow the fabric to secure and keep your head from jerking during long rides. Unlike other fastener brands or pillows, the Magic Wrapp Travel Wrap is made with soft fabric that does not irritate your skin or cling on to your hair, making it easy to put on and remove. It is also portable and lightweight! The cute design can also doubles as a scarf as well! Overall, the Travel Wrapp is an ideal solution to the much needed rest time during your travels.


Paw Wrap

Length: 42.5in / 108cm 

Width: 16.5cm/6.4in