Multifunctional Wrap

Multifunctional Wrap

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The multifunctional wrap’s soft material and self-adhesive technology makes it an ideal sports wrap. Without the hassle and discomforts of other fasteners, the Magic Wrapp multifunctional wrap can comfortably wrap around your knee, elbow, or wrist to provide support and provide joint relief for your strenuous activities.

While the Magic Wrapp Multifunctional Wrap may seem like a simple product, its versatility proves to be useful in a variety of situations. As it is simply a piece of fabric, you can customize it to fit your daily needs. For example, by wrapping the multifunctional wrap around the bottom of your chin to the top of your head, it can prevent snoring. It helps support the lower jaw when you sleep! But perhaps the most common usage is in sportswear.

Length: 73.6cm/29in

Width: 6cm/2.3in